Our Service

For youth aged 11 - 35 years old
Provide emotional support to youth
text-based online service
Support multiple
Conversations keep confidential
Service is provided by professional counsellors

Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Recruitment

We believed that everyone's life is like riding on a roller coaster which is full of ups and downs, and hope others could understand ourselves when we feel difficult in different topics.

Your power of accompanying and walking together youths could lead them feel not alone. 

We sincerely invite you to join and become one of our Open Up volunteer team members, you are not spending your time but also a process of learning and showing commitment. 

Walk with us, we can achieve more




Duty Hours


Total number of conversations

Volunteer Recruitment

Mission of the Project:OpenUp is a 24/7 online counseling platform that listening to the needs of youths through text messages and providing immediate emotional support.

Target group:Age 18 or older.

Service plan:To provide online counseling/emotional support to youths, some specific trainings and further workshops would be open to volunteers.

Training content:16 hours of online trainings, 8 hours of face-to-face trainings and 9 hours of practicums.

Recruitment status:Recruitment has not yet begun, please pay attention to our website or social media updates for more details.